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Over the last two years, I have had the privilege trying hundreds of brands and items for baby. Many were great, but too many were duds. To help you make the best choices and save a ton of money experimenting for yourself,  here are some of my favourite items, that are brand specific, and ones I plan to use with our new addition this fall! 

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nothing like a vista

If you’ve been looking at baby strollers, you’ve probably come across UppaBaby. The UppaBaby Vista has become one of the most purchased strollers for a reason. The Vista system is versatile, and sleek in design. The stroller will grow with your family and can accommodate up to 3 children. There’s no sugarcoating the cost. The price tag is steep, but it’s an investment and making the purchase was as easy as it can be with the Buy Buy Baby Canada website! The frame is made of durable aluminum, and the all terrain wheels will make it easy going from city streets to those off road hikes. We live in Canada, and there are not many strollers that will be able to handle the feet of fresh snow we get throughout the winter. This strollers gets through anything without hesitation. I love how the stroller comes with a bassinet, which is perfect for those new born walks. Oh and, it doubles as a bassinet for sleeping at home! It’s compatible with pretty much any car seat with the right adaptors. Storage is no problem with the Vista either. It’s huge storage basket really comes in handy when you’re a first time mom, thinking you need to bring your babes entire nursery with them while leaving the house for an hour.

Now the stroller itself comes with both the bassinet and seat. This makes it comparable with two kids from day one. Once your littlest babe grows out of their bassinet, you can purchase a Rumble seat to help you get years of life out of the stroller. Kids don’t want to sit in a seat the entire time? Totally get it. Those little curious toddlers have a hard time sitting for too long. The PiggyBack board is a perfect add on to keep your child entertained and still be able to ride with you.

The Vista system is super user friendly. It’s easy to put together from the time you open the box to taking it with you on the go. I love the design and the luxurious features like their leather hand bars. With the huge, ever changing selection of colours they come out with, you’ll be able to find out that fits your style with breeze. If you’re looking for a convertible stroller to stand the test of time, the UppaBaby Vista is definitely the stroller for you!

From bucket to convertible seat

Transitioning our daughter into a convertible car seat was a little bitter sweet for me. Knowing that our once tiny five pound little babe, that looked almost too small for her bucket seat that day we left the hospital, needed to finally switch to a bigger seat really let the reality of how quickly she grew hit us in the face like a brick wall. To be honest, we probably could have switched her into her convertible seat months before we actually did, but something about keeping her in that bucket seat made me feel like she was still my tiny baby, even though carrying that seat with her in it felt like a full on weight session at the gym that left me drenched in sweat. Obviously that wasn’t because I was out of shape right …
So when it came down to looking at which seat we were going to trust keeping our daughter safe, it was really a no brainer which company we would be going with. Nuna’s Pipa had kept our baby safe from her first car ride from the hospital, to the road trips, grocery pick ups to those beach trips out to the lake. I had read review after review, crash test report after crash test report on the Nuna Rava, and knew this was the seat we were going to be transitioning to. I loved the style of this car seat the most. I looks expensive and is one of the best looking car seats on the market in my opinion. Installation took minutes and we immediately noticed how the sleek looking seat had impressive soft fabric covering thick, firm, padding we knew would deliver the best comfort for our daughter. And with six reclines, the Rava is a slam dunk in the comfort department. 
Mia had absolutely no issues once we put her into her new seat. Actually, the tantrums she seemed to have in her bucket seat from time to time became another memory. 
On another note, I know as a first time mother I had a ton of questions when it came to what she should be wearing in her car seat. I wanted to make sure that she would be as safe as possible in her seat and after some research, it became evident that the heavy winter jackets I had bought her for the cold fall and winter wouldn't work. I knew that layering over the car seat was going to be such a better option. Within the first week of getting our new car seat, a company named Birdy Boutique reached out to me to try their Car Seat Poncho. I knew right there and then, that was exactly the answer I was looking for. Their company is ownened and operated by women veterans and that alone made their products so much more appealing to me. I love supporting small shops and this one did not disappoint. They had a variety of patterns to choose from, and I loved the one we picked! When It arrived, I was actually surprised how warm it was. During the fall, we dressed her in a warm sweater, and layered the poncho on her. It was super easy to get her buckled in her seat and place the poncho over her. We didn't need to try and tighten her harnesses through layers of clothing and it really made getting her in to her seat go so much smoother. Once in, we simply placed the poncho over her head, the back went up and over the back of the car seat and the front draped over her. She still had access to her hands which was never possible  when we were using blankets to layer over her. If you are looking for a safer, cuter alternative to bulky jackets for your baby to wear in their car seat, I highly recommend checking out this company! 

Top 5 newborn MUST haves

Stepping in to a baby store for the first time is overwhelming. A ton of baby registry lists can be found online with things you need for your little one, but those items add up fast. What do you really need? New items come out all the time and its hard to keep up with what works, what doesn't, what's essential and whats a luxury. Every mother will have their own opinion, but here are my top FIVE items you need to bring baby home to that you didn't think of.


4Moms Mamaroo


What can I say, we loved our 4MOMS Mamaroo from day one. I'll be honest, the main reason I bought it, was because it looked the best compared to other "baby swings" and would fit into our decor nicely. Now this is just my opinion, but I knew I didn't want our home riddled with colourful baby items. Although thats unavoidable with children, I knew I could minimize the look of clutter by purchasing items like this that were functional as well as pretty to look at.

I have met a lot of moms along the way that their children didn't like the Mamaroo, at least not in the beginning. Most of those moms did say that eventually their little babies started to like the motions it provided. It features five unique motions and five different speeds, totalling 25 different combinations. It also has a built in sound machine with four different sounds as well as connects to any MP3 device.  It comes in different fabric choices and can be controlled from you phone. Amelia loved the Mamaroo from the first day we came home. We used it every single day for the first six months and have used it occasinally since. As a mom, there is nothing better than having a safe place to put your little one down that keeps them happy and content. 


Compact sleek design

Built in sound machine

Can be controlled from your mobile device

Seat can be reclined into a ton of positions


First few speeds seem pretty similar

Speakers are not ideal for playing anything other than white noise

Infant insert is needed (although we did not use one, we will be purchasing one for the next baby)

High price tag $360 CAN

Okay, so you’re going to think my next item is totally bougie, but I’m telling you that you wont regret it. Bathing your fresh, new babe is nerve racking to say the least. They say to check the water temperature on your wrist, but what if what I find warm my spouse finds hot? The 4moms Infant Tub will save you all the self doubt and maybe a little conflict along the way. The tub itself has a built in thermometer that monitors the water you put in it. It is colour coded and beeps when you’re not in the proper temperature zone. It’s meant to allow dirty water to flow out while clean water flows in which is very useful when you have a baby that always seems to prefer the tub over their diaper.




Monitors temperature for you – its literally dummy proof

Two compartments for clean water

Easy to clean and sanitize




Costs more than the average baby tub, but includes thermometer to monitor temperature of water


4Moms Infant Tub



Marpac White Noise Machine


I swear by white noise. We used a machine from day one with Amelia, and I really feel it contributed to her sleeping through the night from the time we brought her home. Of course there were periods of time she did not sleep through the night because of growth spurts etc, but for the majority of her life, like her Mama, Amelia has loved sleep. Now here's the difference. We used a machine for every nap and all night for a long time. It eventually gave up, and stopped working. We were sent two machines from Marpac and the white noise that plays out of each of the machines, is really true white noise. It isn't a weird shushing noise, but a soothing noise that really blocks out all the other sounds in your home. Both the Dohm, and Rohm are beautifully designed, and truly improve sleep. Whether you're looking for a stationary unit to use in your nursery or for the more compact, rechargeable and portable version, Marpac has you covered. I highly recommend their units. They are well built and really can suit any needs you are looking to fill with a white noise machine. 


A true white noise sound

Standalone and portable machines available

Their units fit into all budgets

Available in a variety of colour options




I remember looking at baby loungers from the day we found out we were pregnant. I was constantly reading reviews and watching youtube videos in hopes of finding  the perfect items for us. I knew I didn't want to co-sleep with Amelia which made me steer away from two of the infant loungers I thought I wanted. Instead, we went and purchased the Boppy pillow. It was exactly what we needed around the home. It was a safe place we could put her down to hang out while we caught up on cleaning, cooking or relaxed. I even took it into the bathroom while I showered so I could have Mia close by. The pillow itself has an indent in the middle which I felt prevented her rolling from one side to another. We got hundreds of hours out of our Boppy. I will say, we had been sent the Snuggle Me Organic not long ago, and I do plan on using it with my future babies. I think regardless of what lounger you choose, having one is really beneficial and will make your life much easier in the first few months. We used ours until Mia was over six months and would still continue to use it if she ever sat still haha.


Mobile, and easy to take with you from room to room

Provides a safe place for you to lay your little one down



They are not safe for overnight sleep

Boppy Lounger



Pure Enrichment Humidifier 


Lastly, something some parents might oversee as a newborn necessity is a humidifier. We learned quickly that it was something we needed. There is nothing more frustrating than a congested newborn. Once we started using a humidifier Amelia's congestion quickly became non-existent. We live in one of the coldest places on the planet. Winnipeg, look it up I swear. With the cold, comes long, dry months. Amelia's dry skin also improved within a few weeks. We were sent a humidifier from Pure Enrichment, and it quickly became evident that our old humidifier needed to be put away. The MistAire Cloud is absolutely the best looking humidifier on the market for your nursery. The cute cloud shape is subtle, and perfect for any room in your home. I love how it has a nightlight option, but most of all, I love how for such a small unit, it holds a large amount of water, making refills less frequent. Did I mention this thing is a breeze to clean unlike our previous unit. If you haven't thought about purchasing a humidifier for when your baby arrives, add it to your list, you won't regret it!


Easy to fill and clean

Nightlight built in

Very affordable




Newborn  M U S T  Haves