Welcome Mamas & Papas! 

My name is Oksana and I am a first time mom to a beautiful little girl named Amelia. This blog is going to be targeted towards new moms/dads, or anyone wanting to have a little insight into my life as a first time mom. You'll be able to read about the brands I love, every day items that make life with a baby easier, struggles I face being a mom and hopefully read about a few triumphs along the way.  I know documenting my  journey into motherhood for the first time will be challenging, exciting and hopefully a little fun. I can't wait to share what I have learned from other blogs, vlogs and real life moms with all of you!

Cheers to this new journey!



baby registry items you n e e d

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Transitioning to a convertible car seat

Finding the best convertable seat to keep your child safe is overwhelming. Find out what helped us to transition Mia into her new car seat with ease...

My top FIVE newborn items every mama needs

Stepping in to a baby store for the first time is overwhelming. A ton of baby registry lists can be found online with things you need for your little one, but those items add up fast. What do you really need? New items come out all the time and its hard to keep up with what works, what doesn't, what's essential and whats a luxury. Every mother will have their own opinion, but here are my top FIVE items you need to bring baby home to that you didn't think of.

My big fat NEGATIVE

Surprise, not this time
I always had a problem with the word no... usually it just motivated me to work harder so I can get that YES... I guess in this case practice does make perfect... perfect baby that is.

Becoming Mommy 2.0

From thick to trim
Losing weight after baby, has been more of an emotional challenge than physical. The time and energy it takes to get to my goals were my first and main set backs to get started. Come join my journey as I go from "thick" to trim (hopefully)